At D. Williams & Co. we are dedicated to assisting you with all your financial needs. We provide our clients with several different services to cover every aspect of personal and business finance. We provide the following services:

We provide a full range of tax return preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships, S-Corps, trusts and estates, payroll, and state returns.

We strive to provide all-around business advice and consulting to our clients and to our agribusiness clients in particular. Some of the more prevalent consulting type engagements we have performed include:
⦁ Capital budgeting decisions for acquiring an existing business or expanding plant operations with associated proforma projections of income and cash flow, net present value, and internal rate of return.
⦁ In-depth analysis of marketing and merchandising within business segments and associated proforma projections.
⦁ Merger analysis and associated projections of income and cash flow of the merged entities.
⦁ Fraud and Internal Controls examination – We have a certified fraud examiner for fraud examinations and to aid in the design of internal controls.

We have had several clients with overseas management or control. Our relationship with these clients has required us to become familiar with accounting standards in other countries as well as IASB GAAP, and to provide information acceptable to overseas management and creditors. We believe these types of relationships will continue to proliferate in the agribusiness sector; therefore, we are committed to maintaining and expanding our knowledge of international accounting practices to better serve our clients and potential clients.

We offer a full range of attest services to our clients. From monthly bookkeeping and routine compilations to reviewed and audited financial statements. Our personnel are well trained in the latest technical advances in audit technique and are well grounded in the theory and practice of accounting and auditing. In addition to our expertise in accounting and auditing, we strive to provide our clients with the most useful analysis and evaluation of their business’s condition, its financial and operating needs and prognosis for future success.

We provide expert witness testimony and associated analysis for plaintiffs and defendants in civil and criminal actions. We also provide accounting and financial analysis for debtors-in-possession and creditors of bankrupt entities. We have personnel certified in Fraud Examination and provide litigation services in that area as requested.

We have certified personnel who hold membership in the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. We strive to provide our clients with basic knowledge of business valuation techniques, and to provide valuation analysis and opinions when requested.

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